What Are Axles, Bearings, and Hubs?

The axles, bearings, and hubs play a big role in the operation of your vehicle, but aren’t something you’d really think about until something starts to go wrong. The most common symptoms of a car experiencing problems in either three of these essential components are harsh squeaking when going around corners or rumbling noises when you drive. But just how important are these three components and what exactly do they do?


An axle is something transfers powers back and forth between two components different components. For instance, your transmission is connected via an axle to the driveshaft so that it can control the gears and make your wheels spin.


Bearings are located inside the wheel and look like small metal balls or rollers. The concept of a bearing is to reduce the friction between two surfaces by permitting it roll; the less friction there is the better gas mileage you’ll be able to achieve.


The hubs are what house all the bearings from your vehicle. The hubs on each tire that are composed of bearings are attached to an axle.

Repairing Common Problems

These three components work together to make it so that your vehicle can transfer the power and torque from the engine and transmission and make your vehicle run smoothly. When any one of these parts is defective or requires repair, you will start to hear things like harsh screeching noises or rumblings as you drive.

These components might not cause you significant problems at first, but you will start to see a dramatic decrease in your gas mileage and maneuverability as time goes on. As the problem gets worse, so will the cost to repair or replace these parts. Bring in your car today so that we can listen to the sound, evaluate the problem, and fix it!