Can You Perform Windshield Repair & Wipers Replacement?

Cracked windshields or worn out wiper blades can create a safety hazard and reduce your visibility on the road. In the event of a rainstorm, these problems could pose a serious risk to you and the occupants inside the vehicle. Fortunately both windshield replacement wiper blade replacements are relatively simple repair jobs and in some cases, a cracked windshield might even be covered by your insurance company.

In the event that the chip or crack in the windshield is small enough, it might not require a complete replacement. Using a special resin, these small imperfections can be filled so that they aren’t noticeable and so that they also don’t run the risk of creating even more damage to the windshield; however, if you don’t repair the chip right away, the vibrations of the car can cause the chip to expand and cause even greater damage to the windshield.

For large cracks or gashes in the windshield caused by an accident or by flying debris, windshield replacement might be required. Trained professionals will remove the old windshield and make sure that there are no small glass particles left behind. Then, the new windshield will be installed and sealed in place.

Wiper blades or problems with the wiper arm can be repaired or replaced by matching up the new blade with the vehicle model. The size of the windshield and visible area is different from vehicle to vehicle so windshield blades are made in different lengths and sizes.

If you require either service, the first thing to do is to check in with your auto insurance provider and to determine if you are covered; from there we can arrange the repair or replacement based on your method of payment. We also stock all makes and models of windshield wiper blades, and if we don’t have it immediately we can have it shipped to our store the same day.