What Does My Computerized Engine Analysis (Check Engine Light) Mean?

The Check engine light is just one of many useful features installed on almost every car dashboard that signifies a problem with your vehicle. It usually comes without the driver expecting it and can cause panic, thinking that something is serious wrong with your car. Although there are many warning lights located on your vehicle, the check engine light is perhaps the vaguest because it can be related to a few different problems.

4 Common Reasons For the Check Engine Light

– Loose Gas Cap

One reason that your check engine light might be coming on is because of a loose gas cap on your vehicle. If you’ve recently filled up with gas, check to see if you completely closed off the gas cap; if so, you may want to consider buying a new cap and seeing if that alleviates the problem.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what allow your engine to ignite the gasoline in your car and power the pistons. Spark plugs should be periodically changed out once every 30,000-40,000 miles.

Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor is installed in every vehicle and monitors how much gasoline has gone unburned to regulate gas mileage and how much gasoline is being injected in the engine. Sometimes these sensors need replacement or repair.

Catalytic Convertor

The catalytic convertor converts all the carbon monoxide produced by your vehicle into less harmful chemicals and helps regulate gas mileage.

Diagnosing The Problem

The easiest way to find out what’s wrong with your car and fix the root cause of the problem is to bring your car in so that we can hook it up to our computerized system. We can service all makes and models, and in addition to the standard OBD II OnBoard Diagnostic Software that we run, we offer specialized factory software for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and all Volkswagen Audi Group (including: Audi, Bentley, VW & Lamborghini). This means that when your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Light comes on, we have the technology and know how to properly diagnose & repair your vehicle for optimum performance & gas mileage.