What Are The Factory Scheduled, 30, 60, 90K Services?

When a vehicle manufacturer produces a new make or model, that vehicle comes with a set of factory schedule recommendations. These recommendations are put in place to ensure that you are getting the most out of your car and taking the necessary steps to ensure that your vehicle continues running into the high mileage range; however, they are also oftentimes requirements to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid.

The maintenance recommendations vary from vehicle to vehicle, but there are a certain set of expectations that come with each mileage service. These are some of the repairs of services you might expect out of each service mile marker.

30K Mile Service

When your car reaches 30k miles, it’s still in relatively new condition but will require a new fuel filter and for you to change out some of the fluids in the vehicle. You should also expect a tire rotation and a general vehicle inspection.

60k Mile Service

The 60k mile service is a little bit more demanding than the 30k. You should expect to perform many of the same maintenance actions as the previous service, but also plan on replacing some of the belts and hoses that are starting to wear or look like they might need replacement. 

90k Mile Service

Once you finally get to the 90k mile mark, the car will start to require replacement of the spark plugs, perhaps the brake pads, and some of the service requirements of the 30k mile mark. When the cars start to get close to 100k miles is when problems start to appear so you might also have some additional repairs based on your individual’s vehicle needs.

We have the factory schedules for all makes and models to ensure that your vehicle is meeting these specifications. We can also provide reminders and emails to keep you on track and perform all repairs at a fraction of the cost of what a dealership might charge.