Do You Fix Brake Systems?

On a daily basis, vehicle brake systems perhaps take on the greatest amount of wear and tear compared to any other part on your vehicle. Every time you tap on the brakes at a stop light or slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, the pads underneath your car are required to reduce the amount of forward force your car is producing and bring the car to a complete stop.

The average lifespan of most brake pads are about 30,000-60,000 miles. Obvious the faster you drive and the more often you slam on the brakes, the faster your brakes will go out. When your brakes eventually do begin to go out, you can start to notice a few of these common symptoms include:

–   Vibrations

–   Pulling to one side

–   Dashboard warning lights

If you allow these problems to persist, you will then start to hear screeching noise emitted from the bottom of your car, much like the sound you’d expect when metal is rubbing against metal. 

What Are Brake Pads Made Of

Brake pads have to be made of pretty sturdy stuff to be able to hold up to the extreme amount of pressure, otherwise you’d be paying to change these pads out just about every week. Brake pads can be made of many different materials, but most commonly you’ll find brake pads made out of ceramic, composite, or metallic type materials. These materials are then often treated with a friction modifier or filler to increase durability.

We Service All Makes and Models

Our shop offers brake system repair and replacement for all makes and models of your vehicle. Whether you drive around an Alfa to a Volvo, we have all the parts on site to restore the safety of your vehicle and to get your brake systems fixed in a timely and professional manner.