How Long Do Batteries, Charging & Starting Systems Last?

How long your vehicle’s battery will last will vary on many different factors. For instance, the heat and the humidity of the atmosphere can sap life from an otherwise healthy battery and cause it to die much sooner than it otherwise might have. In general, experts recommend that you change your battery about once every 4 years; however, just because you change your battery every 4 years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test it periodically.

Despite their appearance, car batteries and a vehicle’s charging & starting systems are pretty complex. In fact, if it weren’t for the vehicle’s charging and starting systems, your battery wouldn’t last even close to 4 years. When the vehicle is in motion and the engine is putting out power, that power is also diverted to something known as an alternator. That alternator is what takes the power and allows your vehicle to continuously supply power to the battery unit.

The battery is designed to take and hold that charge so that it can release electricity to your car when you need to start it up or use things like your radio and electronic car chargers. If you’ve ever left your car on overnight and it wouldn’t turn on in the morning, that’s because the battery was using up all its stored power, and since the engine wasn’t running that power was never refilled.

It’s important to remember that the 4-year estimate is just that, an estimate. As a battery begins to age it loses its ability to hold a charge more and more, eventually becoming unusable. The worst thing to happen is to be stuck in some parking lot unable to get home because your battery died when you weren’t expecting it.

We can test your battery to make sure that they are in optimal condition, as well as well as inspect the charging and starting system. If your battery requires replacement or your car is in need of repair, we can perform those services on site at an affordable rate.