What Are The MERCEDES BENZ Service A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and all Flexible Service Schedules?

Like all the BMWs currently on the road, the Mercedes Benz comes standard with an onboard computer system that collected data about your driving habits for maintenance purposes. This data pertains to things like when you might need to check your oil next, the condition of the filters, and the general wear and tear on the rest of the vehicle. 

On average, most of the newer Mercedes only require maintenance about once every 13,000 miles. When your car does require the regular maintenance, it will show an indicator on your dashboard saying ‘Service Due,’ or something like ‘Service B.’ This information might be pretty vague to you, but it is an indicator that it’s probably time to bring your car in to have it checked out.

If you notice this warning light on your dashboard, it might be related to one of the following services:

–   Short Inspection

–   Long Inspection

–   Replace Engine Oil & Filter

–   Replace Brake Fluid

–   Replace Cabin Air Filter

–   Replace Engine Air Filter(s)

–   Clean/Lubricate Tilting/Sliding Roof

–   Clean/Lubricate Panorama Sliding Roof

–   Replace Fuel Filter

–   Replace Spark Plugs

–   Replace Coolant

–   Replace Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter

However, as you can see the list can be rather long and you might end up requiring more than one service action from the list above.

Our shop has the ability to find what your car needs by just plugging your vehicle into our computer systems. Our Mercedes Scanner computers are able to ‘talk’ with your Mercedes and to examine a full maintenance report on when you’ve last had your car tuned up and what might need to be done. From there, we offer all oils, tires, and parts on site so that we can get your Mercedes maintained and back on the road fast and efficiently. That way you can always know that your car is receiving what it needs, when it needs it.