Do I Need Emissions Testing & Certified Emissions Repair?

State and national laws require that all vehicles meet certain emissions requirements to drive on public roads. If your car doesn’t meet these requirements, you could be denied your vehicle licensing when you go to renew the tags. If your worried about your vehicle or have previously failed your emissions testing, now might be the perfect time to have your car tested–or retested–for emissions and perform a certified emissions repair if necessary.

Cars can fail an emissions test for many different reasons, but below are some of the most common culprits associated with this problem:

Broken Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor measures how much oxygen is being mixed together with the exhaust gas. This will cause your vehicle to give off a higher level of emissions than it should and could hurt your car’s performance.

Underperforming Evaporative Emission Control System

The evaporative emission control system takes all of the harmful toxins produced by the engine and gets rid of it perform those toxins are allowed to get into the atmosphere.

Faulty Fuel Meter

Problems with the car’s fuel meter can be caused by the electronic control system and can cause the car to fail the emissions test.

Fuel In The Oil

If fuel is allowed to enter into the oil container this could cause your vehicle to produce additional emissions. Symptoms of this problem usually have to do with white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe or gasoline smells coming from the engine as it is burned away.

Regardless of what’s causing the problem with your vehicle, we can fix it. We perform all emissions testing in accordance with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Air Check Program, and are Certified Emissions Repair Facility. Bring your car in today so that we can perform repairs and make sure that you’re vehicle is road legal.