Are You In Need Of Towing Services?

If you’re stuck on the side of the road or you’re just trying to get your broken down vehicle to the closest repair shop, you need to be careful of which tow company you choose to hire. Hiring a tow truck company is an important choice and should involve a certain degree of trust and value so that you know you are putting your vehicle in the right hands.

Different tow truck companies price their services based on a few different business models. The most common is to charge a flat rate for the first several miles; for example, $100 for the first 7 miles. After that initial 7 miles, you’ll then be charged a few dollars for every mile after that. If you are trying to free a vehicle that is stuck in the mud or sand, you could find yourself paying even more for a tow truck to wench your vehicle free.

In addition to thinking about costs, you want to make sure that towing your vehicle isn’t going to cause any more damage that might have already occurred. By allowing someone to tow your vehicle you want that individual to have experience so to minimize the risk of damage and get your vehicle to the final destination safely. If you end up hiring a company that doesn’t have a lot of experience just based on cost, you could run into serious problems as a result.

For the most reliable and professional service, to bring your vehicle in to our shop, we highly recommend the exclusive services of T&T Towing. T&T Towing is a local company that is quick to do the job and a perfect combination of professional and value. They’ll treat your vehicle like it is their own and ensure the safe transportation of your car from start to finish.

To contact T&T Towing directly, please call 703-795-9659.